Travel to Morocco with Noble Journeys

We invite you to join us for a once in a lifetime trip to the warm and welcoming country of Morocco.

Exotic spices, winding narrow streets lined with artisans using techniques from ancient times, local people in their long caftans and djallabas, as well as those in Western dress, donkey traffic and modern cars.

Stark, high mountains, lush green oases, the rugged Atlantic coast, lush cedar forests home to Barbary apes. And the magical Sahara. Morocco is a country of continually changing contrasts. The arresting and intriguing architecture, cuisine, history and natural beauty will entice you into further exploration. Good highways, comfortable hotels, delicious food and special activities combine to make yours a memorable journey.

As curious travelers, we'll learn about families and traditions, customs and cuisine, clothes and kids from the people who live there. Of course we'll also see the magnificent sights and enjoy the fabulous food, but as important are the visits to private homes, musical encounters and a myriad of other unique experiences.

Morocco has been called "The Land of the Farthest West", on the northwest of corner of Africa; it is at the westernmost edge of the Muslim world, and further west than any European country.

Morocco Its people are welcoming and highly aware of their special place between Africa and Europe; they celebrate a separate history and unique ethnic mix, which distinguishes Morocco from other Arab lands. Due to late colonization, traditional ways of life exist undisturbed.

Highlights of a Moroccan Vacation Can Include:

  • Unique meetings and meals with local people in their own homes and villages
  • Lectures on Moroccan culture
  • Music presentations
  • Open air markets
  • Cooking classes
  • The Sahara
  • Photography
  • Archaeology

We can arrange individual itineraries and larger groups by special arrangement.

Sample Programs to Consider:

Inside Morocco

Textile Arts in Morocco

Morocco Supreme

An Islamic Journey Through Morocco