Mongolia -- one of the world's last unspoiled treasures

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This seldom-explored country is one of the world's last unspoiled treasures. The stunning, vast horizons are home to a nomadic, horse-based culture, herds of Bactrian camels, the ubiquitous round felt gers, stark mountains and the renowned Gobi Desert. The handsome Mongols, descendants of the great Chingiss Khan, are a welcoming people and they invite us into their gers to learn first-hand of their unique and ancient culture, sharing both food and lively conversation.

National Geographic Awards

Nomadic Expeditions is our tour operator, led by Jalsa Urubshurow, a Mongolian-American with a deep love and respect for his ancestral home. Who better to plan and implement journeys to this impressive destination! Nomadic Expeditions has always followed ecologically conscientious and sustainable approaches to tourism, believing deeply in Mongolia's pristine environment and is deeply committed to its conservation. Jalsa's vision has been rewarded by National Geographic Adventure Magazine's Awards for one of the "Best Adventure Travel Companies 2009" and "Top 50 Eco-Lodges 2009."

The rewards of traveling to a seldom-explored country require traveling with flexibility, a spirit of adventure and a willingness to accept local standards of amenities and services. Accommodations are comfortable and clean and include first class hotels in major cities and traditional nomadic gers (dome-shaped structures covered by felt and canvas) in the Mongolian countryside, with Western-style bathroom facilities. The meals are typically meat-based, but vegetarians will not go hungry! Transportation is by small buses and 4 wheel drive vehicles. Most roads are unpaved, bumpy and dusty.... but oh! the rewards at the end of the day!

Highlights may include:

  • Hands-on workshops for making felt, thread, spinning wool
  • Create Kazakh-style embroidery and applique
  • Create your own "del", classic Mongolian robe
  • Meet members of a Women's Art Collective
  • Visit major sites (Gandan Monastery, Costume Museum, National History Museum)
  • Gobi Desert, staying in Mongolia's award-winning eco-lodge
  • Visit gorgeous Flaming Cliffs, location of first dinosaur egg nest discovery
  • Visit capital cities of Ulaanbaaatar and Ulgii
  • .... and so much more!

For more information about what to expect on a Mongolia vacation, see our Mongolia Travel Tips page.

Joan Noble - tour manager

Your Tour Manager:

Joan Noble has been traveling the world for over 35 years and brings her curiosity, sense of humor and people skills with her wherever she goes. Her experience goes back many years, researching and planning programs, and accompanying groups from Massachusetts Audubon Society, Bowers Museum, The Textile Museum, New Israel Fund and many special interest groups to countries around the world. She previously worked, and lived for many years, as a graphic designer in New York, Milan, Paris and London and brings her artistic sensitivities to each of her trips, along with her excellent organizational skills. Her recent journeys have taken her to Mongolia and Antarctica.


Noble Journeys' pre-planned tours are limited to 14 people. We can arrange individual itineraries and larger groups by special arrangement.

See Sample Itinerary: Mongolia: Crafts, Culture & Dinosaurs