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Current Trip Offered: Guatemala Textiles and Traditions: Itinerary

It is increasingly rare to visit a country, a culture, still practicing traditional textile production, where the local people wear the clothing unique to their respective villages; clothing woven, embroidered and sewn in the same way for many centuries by women and men, so proud of their expertise and heritage. We have the exclusive opportunity to travel with a guide, unique in her own right: American by birth, Mayan by upbringing, American university degrees in Meso-American Studies and fluent in several Mayan dialects, Spanish and of course English. She has lived in Guatemala for close to 40 years, and is a talented weaver and embroiderer; she designs and works with local women to produce unusual quilts, and is a licensed tour guide.

Masks In our currently offered tour, she will travel with us, visiting the charming villages and bustling markets, and we'll meet her friends and family in their homes and workplaces. Along with the textile focus of the trip, we'll learn about the combination of Mayan and Christianity in every day life, visit talented artists in their studios, see women's coops producing natural dyes, beauty and culinary products, private textile collections, coffee plantations and so much more – with free time for personal exploration and shopping. We'll visit the important sites, the highlands and gorgeous Lake Atitlan.

Travel to Guatemala on this special departure which includes the colorful and important festival of the Day of the Dead, where you will see the parades, unique costumes and rituals!

Hotels have been carefully chosen for charm and location, and transportation is by private coach making Guatemala travel comfortable and convenient. Food in Guatemala is fresh and tasty.

There is an optional extension offered to the towering pyramids of Tikal, the extraordinary Mayan temples.

Join us on this unique tour of Guatemala culture and Guatemala textiles!


  • Day of the Dead Fiesta celebrations
  • Stunning Lake Atitlan
  • Classic markets and colorful highland villages
  • Visits to indigenous homes and workshops
  • Visits to private textile collections
  • Extraordinary shopping opportunities
  • Charming local hotels
  • Tikal extension
  • Joan Noble as Tour Manager
For more information about what to expect on a Guatemalan vacation, see our Guatemala Travel Tips page.

Joan Noble - tour managerYour Tour Manager:

Joan Noble has been traveling the world for over 35 years and brings her curiosity, sense of humor and people skills with her wherever she goes. Her experience goes back many years, researching and planning programs, and accompanying groups from Massachusetts Audubon Society, Harvard Museum of Natural History, University of Colorado and many others to this magnificent and inviting country. She previously worked, and lived for many years, as a graphic designer in New York, Milan, Paris and London and brings her artistic sensitivities to each of her trips, along with her excellent organizational skills. Her recent journeys have taken her to Mongolia and Antarctica.

Noble Journeys' pre-planned tours are limited to 14 people. We can arrange individual itineraries and larger groups by special arrangement.

Current Trip Offered:

Guatemala Textiles and Traditions: Itinerary

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